Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Suit Speaks!

If you appreciate a finely tailored suit, or always wonder what the history of a vintage item may be, take a ganger at the latest entry of "Always Playing Dressup." featuring a special guest writer. It is the tale of old friends reunited that guarantees to warm the cockles of the most Stoic retro heart....

(And P.S. I always wondered what cockles were and why one's heart had them. It is from the Latin "cochleae cordis" - meaning ventricle. And going deeper, it literally means "Heart (cordis) Snail (Cochlea)
. Someone traipsing down the Appian Way must have thought they looked like snails. Doesn't that just warm your innards?


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stuff you need....Part I

Isn't this cool?

A retro ashtray/cigarette caddy/match holder set.
I think that in today's more enlightned age, it would make a great conversation piece to put
on your desk. From our friends at MarlyandMorry
If you end up bidding, please tell them that you saw it in VintageGent's Menswear Daily


Details Milan Fashion Getaway

Thank you to Carson for alerting me to this...

The Milan Fashion Week Getaway:
Here's your chance to experience fashion firsthand with DETAILS! Win a getaway for two to Milan’s fashion week with tickets to Dolce & Gabbana's star-studded runway show—the hottest in town—including a trip backstage to meet the designers. The prize includes a 3-day, 3-night getaway to Milan which includes round-trip airfare for two and a 3-night accommodation at the finest hotel.

Check out for more information…

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'll Swap you Two Rootbeer Bottles for Some Wax Lips..

If you haven't already checked Old Time Candy out, you are missing out on some delicious nostalgia. From Sen Sen, Boston Baked Beans, Teaberry Gum, and Walnettos for the 50s kids, to Big League Chew, Warheads, and Razzles for the 80s babies!

Right now as an exclusive to VintageGent Readers, you can take 5% off your purchase now through the end of March! Just click on the button below and use coupon code: 09785
Tell us what you get!! You can bet we're buying lots of birthday giftpacks!