Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not With a Bang...

...But with a Whimper.

VintageGent's Menswear Daily is back after a hiatus to discuss with you men's vintage fashion and more. We appreciate all of your comments and your continued readership. Unlike us, you as faithful readers never slacked off.

Actually, there were two posts before this one since the big return, but we didn't want to give you a "false alarm"

In the world of the internet, being gone several months = 35-40 years. I suppose that means someone will try to trick our Rip Van Winkle like modus operandi and try and make us believe musical Santa Ties from CVS and those awful Z Cavaricci yoke front pants are hot vintage collectibles. Nice try!

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Do you have Prohibition Era Photos?

I received the following note from Eric, administrator of The Fedora Chronicles forum and thought I would publish it to readers in case they can help out.

One of the members of The Fedora Chronicles Forum wrote a great piece about Chicago during prohibition. While getting this formatted I thought it would be great to have some pictures of the locations that were made famous during those years.

If you have any that we can use, please send them along to info@thefedorachronicles.com


An interesting story from the VintageGent family tree:

During the prohibition, my grandfather used to drive over the Canadian border to get liquor. Not in any profitable amount, just to have some for the family table. He once went with his sister riding shotgun. She put the booze under her coat on her lap and when border patrol stopped them, she started to breathe heavily and my grandfather said "She's in labor! We have to hurry." and the checkpoint guards waved them on and cleared the way so that the mother to be could make it to the hospital!

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wife Dressing

In a recent Wall Street Journal Article, Tom Ford tells men to not have their wives dress them.
He says "in doing that they are denying their ability to express themselves through clothes."

There has been a long tradition of women buying or selecting clothing for their husbands. Perhaps it is because women traditionally did more shopping than men and it was a matter of convenience.

There is also a lot of press about the "woman's touch." In numerous films and television shows, an old run down house or a bachelor pad is the back drop and a character comments that it "could use a woman's touch."

There is also truth to the fact it is true that sometimes the picture in one's head of the effect one has in a selected outfit is not always the reality. One may hang on to a comfortable hair style and "5 lbs ago" pants a little too long and could use the validation of a trusted peer rather than people walking down the street pointing and whispering.

So, do you think Tom Ford is correct, that men should prevent their wives from selecting wardrobe items, or do you think he has it all wrong and wives save their husbands from embarrassment on a daily basis?

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