Friday, February 27, 2009

RV Parks that Remind you of Childhood

Some of the greatest vacations I have taken were behind the wheel in an RV.  Actually, if I was being truthful, in my RV years, I was more likely laying up in the bunk hammering the adults with another round of:  "Are we there yet?"

If you are looking for NC RV parks, there are many options.  You can surely look up "rv park north carolina" in your handy travel guide. There are probably lists and lists of every type of accommodation imaginable.  However, you may want to consider planning ahead and checking the internet.   Travel books are good as guides, but often they do not have up to the minute information.

Sycamore Lodge RV resort (rv park NC) is not just a typical RV park where you pull in, hook up, and then can't wait to go on to your next destination.  On the contrary, the property has many amenties, and not to mention, beautiful scenery.  In fact, many people stop to take family pictures.   There are paddleboats, a playground, and many opportunities for viewing local flora and fauna as well.  Stay for a few days.  It is a vacation in and of itself!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Acobay: Share Your Stuff

There are a lot of sites that feature reviews from consumers.  For the most part, the sites are sales sites that have reviews as an "added bonus" or a value added feature to reinforce your buying decision.  I recently stumbled across Acobay which isn't a selling site, but more like a social networking site for your "stuff."

When you set up an account, you can do several things.  You can comment on things that other people have already added.  For example, you may find someone already added the cell phone you use.   You can weigh in.   It is not just about products, though.  People have decided to be fans of pizza, shelter dogs and more.  If you want, you can shamelessly promote your website or favorite team as well and find out what others think about it.

Acobay is still a beta release.  In otherwords, they are constantly making improvements and added new features.  There are quite a few users, but I look forward to reading more back and forth discussion when more of a critical match is reached.

Stay Home, Don't Move South, to Heal Achey Joints

Back in the day,the "it" thing to do was to go to the gym or rec center to meet people of the opposite sex while getting fit.  Now, the way busy schedules are and how things have changed, people are opting for in home fitness and rehabilitation.

Today, they have special pools that you can get even for your home that are intended as Hyrdotherapy Pools. They have much more graduated and larger steps for those with physical problems. There are built in adjustable jets where you can jog, walk, or swim with some resistence for a good work out. What I was most surprised to see is an underwater treadmill! It makes sense as there are people who are unable to jog, or they walk with discomfort due to the pressure on the knees. In the pool, your weight is supported. Of course, you can walk or jog around a regular pool, but there is the possibility of slipping versus staying in place.

If you do not have a chronic condition and your health improves, making Aquatic Therapy not as critical for maintaining your skills and coordination, the pool can be a "work out" pool to not just maintain health but to increase it. If you have been considering a pool, it could definitely be the one to go with.

The introduction of these items for the consumer and for purchase by businesses alike make healing, increased range of motion, and physical training a lot more convenient than moving to a warmer climate for the winter as a balm to aching joints.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Keep Them Coming Back with a Newsletter

Several of my blogging friends have recently asked me about newsletter services. It is a very helpful marketing tool for blogs and online stores, as you can target bulk email marketing to your fans while protecting your domain from false spam reports.

The number of email marketing services out there seem a little bit confusing. There are several free services that work well for small mailings. However, the number of ads that even go so far as to appear in the first sentence of the mailing make it more likely for your news to be classified as spam.

On the other extreme, there are email marketing services that offer tracking, professional layouts, and all the bells and whistles. The cost may not seem too prohibitive, but if you are starting off small, the newsletter service can take up a big chunk of your resources if you are not using it.

I recently discovered Icontact, which has plans starting at $9.95 per month.

The service cost scales upwards depending on the size of your list. Right now, there is a free 15 day trial, so that you may take it for a test run before shelling out money.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stick to Your Budget

One of the colleges, I believe it is Michigan State University, is cracking down on credit card offers made to students.  Many young men and women fall into debt at a very early age because the offers made to them are attractive and fill a need.  Often, they use something that should be "emergency only" for emergencies that are only relative. In otherwords it does not help with budgeting.

On the other hand, getting a credit card early has its benefits. You can establish credit in order to prepare you for purchasing a house or a car. It can make you more credit worthy. Also, it gives you flexibility.

While a prepaid card may not establish a good credit history for you, it can be used anywhere that a credit card is accepted. Of course, many debit cards have a Mastercard logo or a prepaid debit cards, it helps you learn to budget without actually depleting your reserves. By having a card linked to a bank account, you may be tempted to transfer money from savings to make purchases. This way, discretionary spending, and money you spend out and about, such as groceries and gasoline do not impinge upon regular monthly bills.

The added bonus is that it not only is merely a prepaid credit card but it is also a Prepaid Mastercard that gives you the flexibility of using it just about anywhere.

Capture Her Heart (Story)

One of the biggest killers is heart disease.   Of course, a heart attack is sudden but heart disease, in general, is a slow killer.   Unfortunately, people don't become very aware of what to do to keep your heart healthy until most of the damage has been done.  Of course, there are times when heart disease is genetic.  However, there is so much we can do to make the most of our heart by eating healthy, not smoking, and moderate exercise.

FreshPromise.Net is a site that raises awareness about heart disease, but also has a neat interactive project. You can donate your points that you would normally register at Fresh Funds to the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women movement January 15th and Feburary 27th. Fresh Funds allows you to enter the "points" on the back of selected Chiquita and Fresh Express items and use them to enter drawings and more.

Why not men? It has long been known that men suffer from heart disease, but it is often a silent killer in women as the treatment that works on men may not be as affective for women, and it is a cause of illness that is growing in women at a faster rate.

Women have a chance to enter and share their story about how they have changed their life by making healthier choices. They will receive 40 Fresh Funds bonus points for sharing.  Maybe she will use it to enter and win some great stuff on Fresh Points.  Perhaps she may also donate them right to the American Heart Association and increase her support for free!  Tell someone you love about it today!

Shoes to Make Her Sparkle and Pop

The sea of websites that offer women's handbags and/or accessories seem to number in the millions.  There are websites of various makers, shopping sites that offer a wide selection, and even affiliate sites.

One site that I recently found and I am happy to recommend to my readers is SparkleNPop. While the site offers new, and not vintage items, the owner has a definite eye.  She has an eye for spotting what is up and coming, versus what has already been.  You can buy the looks that are popular on the streets in fashionable cities now, rather than waiting on the lead time of a fashion magazine showing a star wearing a style three to six months later.  If you are the type of fashionista that this sounds good to, you might want to check it out. 

While the bread and butter of the site is handbags and shoes, there are also other selection like an eyelash skirt and underthings to give your clothes the intended look.  There are backless bras for trendy tops and dresses, which are hard for ladies to find sometimes.  In fact, i don't think I have ever heard of one aside from a long line!