Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hope for Mesothelioma: There IS Hope

mesothelioma.jpgThere are countless commercials on daytime tv, encouraging you to find a lawyer to sue if you have Mesothelioma due to on the jobs asbestos exposure. I used to click the button and turn on something else, thinking it sounded like some really rare condition or something that could be avoided. Don't people wear special gear when dealing with asbestos?

Sadly, that is not always the case. In fact, when people work in older, they may not be aware that there is a problem with asbestos. I remember working in a theater once, and myself and my coworkers were not there to handle construction or asbestos. We found out the hard way when one day, some of material from the ceiling tile covered the stage like snow when things were being renovated. The theater was closed for a whole year to remove the asbestos that was in the duct work and in the soundproofing. Untouched, it was not a hazard, but once things started to break down, it was highly dangerous to inhale or touch. I also knew someone who decided to remove asbestos by themselves, and is no longer with us. He passed away with his adventure as a big contributor. He received a mesothelioma cancer diagnosis way too late.

What items have asbestos in it? Among the culprits are: Home insulation installed in the 1930s-1950s, soundproofing materials, asbestos shingles and ceiling tiles, old duct work. There are more, but these are the most common.

Mesothelioma is most common to people in construction or ship building. While it poses not as big a threat now if you are working with newer materials, in decades past, manufacturers knew about the dangers long before the public did. Until asbestos is eradicated in every structure where someone may accidentally disturb it, it is something to be cautious about.

Thankfully, there are survivors and there is hope. Sites like Survivingmesothelioma.com have resources available for those diagnosed and those that support them. Don't feel alone, check it out today. Surviving Mesothelioma is possible.

One of Our Favorite Date Night Movies

The following is a guest post from our friend, Winston Stewart

One of the best movies that I ever saw was one that my husband and I picked out on direct tv together to watch for our date night, it was Wolfman. We both love horror movies so we tend to choose this type of movie more than others, so when Wolfman was released we decided we wanted to see it. We had both seen the original version with Lon Chaney, Jr., of course. But even had we not seen that version the talent featured in Wolfman would have sealed our decision, both of us our Anthony Hopkins fans.

The special effects were, of course, phenominal but you had not only the effects to draw your attention. I would have to say that I found the actual cinemotography and lighting effects to be superb and possess a unique beauty that added to the film's assets. Both my husband and I agreed that this movie far surpassed the original, in both effects and story line. I love the fact that all of the wonder comes through on the small screen.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Take New Friends On The Road

Some of my readers prefer owning a set of vintage luggage. There is something about weathered leather or nostalgic train cases. However, sometimes a trip to the luggage store to buy a few pieces is a little more in order and helps you keep your oldies but goodies intact.

Nowadays, you cannot carry on as much as in the old days. Riding down the chute, and being tossed in a bin with other luggage causes wear and tear. Newer models are able to withstand that a bit. Designer luggage in distinct patterns or bold colors can also make it easier for you to find your bags once you are reunited with them. Tumi luggage offers a sport series in bright red, which is much easier to see in the sea of black bags, while hartman luggage offers tweed.

Also, it is worth noting that some older pieces may just not be suited for your laptop. Just like less and less people are traveling with wig cases, the laptop bag is more a sign of these times. Even if you are buying a regular suitcase, it would be more equipped to protect your valuable electronics. Among the Tumi luggage offerings, there are boarding bags that would suit electronics well.

Have fun on your next trip, but there are some cases where you may want to leave your old favorites at home and let the new kids take the abuse.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You are What You Eat....or Supplement

Over the past two years, I have become more and more interested in using food as medicine. I don't mean eating a chocolate bar to cure a cold, but paying attention to the nutrients I am receiving from food on a daily basis. If I a feeling kind of funky, I pay the most attention. Often, I find that I have piled on the sugar or refined wheat that week and I make modifications.

While I regularly eat garlic and oregano in pasta sauces and knew they were beneficial to health, I didn't know that Oregano Oil was sold outside of the gourmet aisle. In fact, Oasis Advanced Wellness is selling it as a possible natural anti-bacterial. Garlic has anti-bacterial qualities, so its not a far stretch.

The other one I didn't think about is Vitamin D supplementation, such as in a Bio D-Mulsion. An argument against sunscreen is that it prevents us from making Vitamin D. I disagree. We would still get some, or there is always protecting the face and leaving the legs. I think it has more to do with being "indoor people." Getting twenty minutes of sun exposure per day is all we need to start producing Vitamin D, but a lot of kids inside playing video games don't even get that. I have heard that even if you do get sun, a small amount of supplementation is an insurance policy, but if someone sits on the sofa all day, try to sit on the sofa on the patio for a little bit each day or take a walk.

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Movie Time

The following is a guest post written by our friend, Barbara Thorner

When I went and saw “Iron Man 2” when it came out a while back, I was so excited to go on a date night with my husband. We love going to the movies but we don’t get to do it too often because we both have to travel for work so when we’re at home at the same time we just like to stay put at home and rest.

We went in the middle of the week so there weren’t as many people in the movie, which I was glad about. The lights went down, the previews rolled and the explosions started pretty soon. But it was weird because all the explosions and loud noises weren’t that loud. I mentioned it to my husband at dinner afterward and he said that I must be deaf. It was funny at first until I thought that I may need a hearing aid. So when we got home I looked up hearing aids in CA and got some more information. I went to an expert and got some hearing aids prices and just got fitted with one.

We have another date night at the movies soon and I think I will enjoy it more, especially because it’s a romantic comedy without a bunch of explosions.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Staying In Touch With Dad

vintage-dads-day.jpgThanks to our friend, Malcolm Pamer.

My father and I have had a very interesting relationship. Many people have told me that it’s the oddest relationship they had ever seen. This is because one day we will love each other and the next day we will despise each other. It can even get to the point where we won’t speak for a year. At the same time, we love each other enough that we always end up missing each other. I guess there are a lot of other people out there with similar circumstances. I just don’t know any of them.

A few months ago, my father and I got into an argument. It was the most ridiculous argument on the face of the Earth, which should have come as no surprise to me. I was staying at his house overnight because I had a business meeting close to where he lives. While relaxing at his home, I decided to go for a dip in his pool. Unfortunately, I didn’t dry off enough and dripped a little water on the hardwood floors. How dare I? He freaked out and kicked me out of the house. After this, I never wanted to speak to him again.

Eventually, I got over it and contacted him through my satellite internet. He apologized and told me he was just having a bad day. I’ll give him a pass. He is my dad, after all.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving to Houston

Thanks to Taylor Raley for the post.

Recently I was given the opportunity for a higher paying job outside of my home town in the area that is commutatively known as Houston Texas. I work in the field of marketing management and in my attempts to achieve a better monthly paycheck I reached outside of my home town. The move took place on the weekend of the twenty-fifth of June and lasted all three days.

When looking to move to a new city I had to make arrangements as far as housing and assuring I was located near my marketing firm. Going to Houston a week in advance helped me do a basic run down of the living possibilities and see what the city life was like. After going through several housing and apartment choices I decided on a moderate sized two bedroom house in the suburbs of the city. Preparing the house for my move I mapped out all the places where my furniture and other items would go, and made arrangements to set up a home security system (click here for details) to help protect my belongings before I moved in, and during my residency.

The moving process was a bit tiresome with heavy lifting, but with the rent of a truck and the help of a few friends I made the move an enjoyable process. Overall moving to a new city can be tough at times, but by doing a little planning and getting used to the process and area you will find the move a quick process.