Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Peek at My Kids Night or Day

The follow is a guest post by our friend Adam Roggenbaum

Since I joined the military, I have been pleased with myself. I knew I was doing a good thing. Leaving the kids on the other hand has been excruciating. Having to see them so rarely is a mind battle many of us have to face. We just remember whom we are doing this for and why.

I can tell you one thing that has made it easier to be away. When I can, I get on hughes net in Texas and visit my kids. This time spent Using the Internet With My Kids is a few moments of complete bliss. We talk about school, sports, and any other projects they are working on. It is a time of peace and bonding.

For anyone that has been away from growing children, for any length of time, they know how hard it is. You miss so much, but thankfully, my kids have hughesnet Minnesota service. This satellite communication with hughesnet internet has been a gift of immeasurable value. People, soldiers around the world, can now look into their families’ lives.

Of course, it is not the same as being there; however, it is better than not seeing them at all, like it used to be. Children would grow up not knowing their dads. Daddies would not even know how their offspring looked except through quick snapshots. It is so much more family friendly now to be in the military.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paintball Pants Online

The following is a guest post by our friend, Mandy Simpson.

paintnball.gifMy husband was on a mission to find the perfect paintball pants at a good price. I got online and used my hughesnet satellite internet to search for the pair he was looking to find. He had a few specific things he wanted such as padded knees and a good brand. They were all about $90 a pair.

I started looking around and found what he wanted for sure. I then started searching for that exact brand. I was able to find the 2009 version on He didn't mind at all if they were last year's pants, just wanted the comfort and padding. They look just as good as the 2010 pair, so I started looking for his size. I was able to find a 2009 pair for only $50! This saved me a ton of money and he was able to get exactly what he was looking for in pants.

When they came in, he took them out to the paintball field to try them out. He slid all over the floor and played his heart out that night. They didn't rip and kept his knees from getting all skinned up. They were exactly what he was looking to find and at a great price! I was so glad that we found them and would order from this company again in the future. They were perfect for what he wanted to wear. I think next I will try to find him a Paintball Shirt from the same company online.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Retail Me Not is a Lifesaver!


After a ton of searching on my hughes net internet, I finally found a site that can deliver coupons for anything I buy online. has discount codes for all of your favorite websites and range from electronics, foods, clothing, to anything you can think of. This month alone, I have saved over 200 dollars on what I usually allocate to my internet purchases. I have also been able to keep from having to scour the internet for places to find discounts, wasting countless hours of my hard-to-come-by time.

It is extremely easy to find codes and coupons and print them off for later use in store or for record. has users that are constantly uploading new discount codes and coupons that were once only reserved for specific customers. I have not found a better way to save time and money in years, especially with the way the economy has declined. In addition to supplying you with codes and coupons, also has user reviews of the discounts. These let you know the success rate and validity of the discounts.

One of the most alluring aspects of the site is its constant renewal of information, keeping you up to date on coupons that are available to you. I really find it hard to believe that they offer this service without any kind of membership fee. All I had to do, was log on to and enter the type of business that I wanted discounts for. After clicking search, you are given a whole list of choices of goods and services. I just picked the ones I was looking for using my Hughesnet Internet, and was instantly taken to a page that featured instant coupons and discount codes ranging from 5 to 25% off. Do yourself a favor and check them out too. 

Thanks to Cisco Thompson for the guest post!


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Best Christmas

charliebrowntree2.jpgThe following is a guest post from our friend, Shirley S. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Looking back on my childhood most of my fond memories are those of my grandparents. My grandmother wore a digital hearing aid, without it she could barely hear anything at all. I was raised by them from the age of seven and they are still my support system and who I turn to when times get rough. The older generation is a different breed of people and I feel privileged to have been raised by them as they taught me so many life lessons the old fashioned way, which in my opinion is the best and only way to raise a child.

I have so many good memories of them, but one that stands out the most in my mind is also one of my first that I can recall. It was my first Christmas living with them, we lived in a run-down house with a wood stove for heat and our only water source was well water. It was so desperately cold in that old house so my brother and I would sleep bundled up together under many blankets on the couch.

Christmas Eve wasn't much different to us from any other night of the year, since my grandparents couldn't afford to buy the food for Christmas dinner, there wasn't the familiar smell of the Turkey roasting or pies baking. Although we were very young, we knew that there was barely any money for the household so we assumed there wouldn't be much in the way of gifts.

Just before going to bed that night my grandmother came in to pray with us before we went to sleep. Though we had it so rough ourselves we always prayed for those less fortunate than us. My little brother stated in his prayer "Even though we have no money, do you think that Santa could bring me a one dollar toy?", when my grandmother heard this she began to giggle.

As all kids do on Christmas Eve, we almost never fell asleep that night. We woke up bright and early, and beside the couch where we were sleeping were two large brown bags. I peeked down inside of mine and what did I see, about ten small dollar toys. I have never been as happy as I was that very moment, you would have thought that we’d been given a million dollars! I will never forget that day as long as I live and I thank my grandmother for making that Christmas so perfect for us.