Friday, December 28, 2012

Kid Friendly Wedding Favors

The flower girls (extremely plural) and the ring bearer are featured in the wedding, but your reception doesn't include children. Etiquette usually dictates, unless the parents decide otherwise, that all members of the wedding party attend the reception. If the flower girls, ring bearer and junior bridesmaids attend, you can still limit the child guest list to attendants. What if all the children in the family except a few are included in the wedding party? It would be difficult to exclude them, especially if one side of the family was represented in the wedding and not the other.

To occupy well behaved children who are attending the reception at the parents' discretion, the jordan almonds might be a miss. Consider selecting different wedding favors for the child's place setting, or choose something that all ages could enjoy. Chocolate or other more familiar candies, a mini gumball machine, or personalized pencils go over bigger than votive holders or corkscrews.

Should you decide to have a child-free wedding, that is your decision, but if a couple children attend, make them feel like welcome, rather than unwelcome guests whom you rather not have invited.


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