Thursday, October 30, 2008

Make Your Own Candles and Save some Cash

One of the accessories in the house we spend a lot of money on is candles.   Some of them are reasonably priced but some that are considered "better" or "gourmet" candles (off word for something not edible), they can cost upwards of $15, $20, even $30 dollars.  

There are ways to cut corners if you have a day and don't mind getting your hands dirty.  You can go to and get all the supplies you need to make your own.  Different candle molds can help you create exactly the size and shape you want.  If you want to make a self contained candle, they have candle tins as well.

One thing you may have not considered is using soy wax.  It burns much cleaner than traditional wax.  I learned the hard way with an inexpensive jar candle.  There was black soot that was left behind.  It went up the inside of the jar, giving it an unsightly black film.  Also, there was a small bit on the wall as well.  Certainly soy is a better alternative for your lungs.

If you are looking for a new hobby or just want to create a few things for your home, give candle making a try.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A New Way to Seek Your Fortune

In the old days, networking was still done to find new jobs or a job period.  In my mind's eye, I can see images of leaving calling cards or carte de vis while paying a social call to rich uncles and school friends.  Maybe a secret benefactor would be involved.

Nowadays, with people so scattered about, people turn to the internet for job hunting. is a little different from the typical job seeking site as it is not really for job seekers.  That may seem a little counterintuitive, but it really isn't.  It is not for people who are desperate for employment, but rather a social networking site for people who are employed but wish to further their career.  

Like the old saying goes, when you are not looking that is when you find your true love or the perfect job, etcetera.  You are at your best when you are only passively looking.  You will get a sense of your true worth in the job market.  You may not find a new job as a guarantee, but you can anonymously be approached by recruiters without jeopardizing your current position.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Buy An Heirloom of Tomorrow for the Holidays

When shopping for the perfect watch for yourself or a holiday gift, you may want to check out   They have deeply discounted designer watches that are 100% authentic.   They are able to charge a lower price because they buy their items in a sensible way.   Their ebay feedback speaks for itself with 100% positive feedback.  It is very difficult to please everyone, no matter how great your product or customer service is, so that is no small accomplishment for a high volume seller.

The names offered on the site you will well recognize from upscale department stores and fashion magazines. Movado watches are included in their offerings.  I have discussed these spare, elegant watches before.  They are sure to be a classic for years to come.  They are the perfect suit watches.  On the other hand, if you are looking for an upscale watch that is still a bit sporty, try a TAG Heuer.  The Formula 1 is a men's stainless steel chronograph that has a more rugged appearance.

If you are looking for a truly decadent gift, they even carry Cartier watches for both gentlemen and ladies.  The Roadster Chronograph for men and the diamond encrusted Tank Divan (pictured) for women are sure to become tomorrow's heirlooms.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Delicate Subject for Men

I have a delicate subject to address.   The holidays are coming, and often a man wants to buy his wife something very personal for Christmas but he is just a bit embarrassed about the process.   I am, of course, talking about buying lingerie. There is the whole idea of asking for assistance in the store, guessing sizes and the like. It would be embarrassing to be way off in one's guess.

Luckily there is help. Nowadays one can buy things that are a bit more on the sexy lingerie scale of things then, say a flannel robe, from the comfort of your own computer and not be befuddled by a sales clerk.

If you still can't figure out her size, why not go to a lingerie site and look at formfitting clubwear or sexy costumes for Halloween on it that would also run true to lingerie sizes to get her to reveal just exactly what she would be.  Even if you have a good guess, you don't want to be wrong.  

When all else fails and you don't feel you are daring enough, lots of women woud be thrilled with a new pair of shoes. A pair of well balanced and classy high heels that she can wear out to an occasion.  You will be able to sidestep the whole issue and buy something she can get years of use out of.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Giant Size Proposal

We have all seen it on television and the movies.  There are some men who go out on a limb for dramatic marriage proposals. Some are very private, others are extremely public. Advertising blimps may be what you have in mind for your special moment.  However, there are other alternatives that are a little over the top as well that may not depend on her looking up at just the right moment.  

Arizona Balloon makes not only advertising blimps but other massive, traffic stopping big balloons like the advertising balloons you see at car dealerships during big sales to attract attentions. How about a Statue of Liberty with a banner asking your sweetie to marry you?

I don't know if it is something she'd be able to retain as a keepsake later.  Just where would you put it?  Surely, after you are done, I am sure the local shopping mall or school could put it to good use.    

Driving by the main drag of town, I always wondered just who made all these things.  Now I have the answer.   Check out the website for when you want to make a very big splash.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Plan Ahead. Way Ahead

I am the type who likes to really plan ahead. When there is a conference or an annual event, sometimes the philosophy is to wait for a last minute hotel rate. That only works part of the time. Nowadays, you cannot often do that when embarking on international travel. The more notice you have, the earlier you should book, especially if you are going to a very far flung destination like Sydney or Melbourne

HotelClub offers accommodations up to 12 months in advance.  One may not want to think abut what they are doing next year, but the time flies by faster than one may think.  There are annual events in New York City that it only makes sense to think that far ahead. Just try to get a hotel room for New Year's eve right now.

The other consideration is that people going to a smaller scale event like a wedding or a family reunion neglect to check what else is going on in town at the same time. Some relatives of mine ended up taking a trip while the Super Bowl was in town. They weren't football fans so they were totally oblivious. If only they had checked, or more so, booked way in advance, they would have had a reasonable place to stay.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Were Kids Tougher in My Day?

You have probaby received the email thirty times over.  An email has forwarded along the joke lists for years about how today there are so many child safety items that we didn't have when we were kids and we turned out just fine.   I never knew a kid whose head got stuck in between the bars of a crib.  Oh, wait a minute.  That was me, but I got out just fine.  

I will admit, there were plenty of outlet covers around the house. The thinking was that I would lick my fingers and then stick a fork in the outlet and electrocute myself. That thought never crossed my mind. Ever. 

Nowadays, they recommend corner cushions so a child doesn't hit their head on the kitchen counter.  Those are those little padded corners.  They had those back when I was a kid too, but we had tables that were glass with a negligible amount of metal, so it made sense.  Today, anything that is not perfectly round is in danger of harming a child, so they seem to think.  

Do we shield children a little too much these days as far as small household safety items?  I can't help but think most accidents are due to lack of supervision versus how many covers, caps, and cabinet locks one installs.   There is some truth, however, to incidents happening the one second an eye turns, however, so maybe its not such a bad idea.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Running in the UK

Sometimes our British readers feel a little left in the dark when I talk about shopping sites.  While you may easily be able to order books and clothing from American and Canadian sites, furniture and other large pieces to create a home restoration are a little impractical.   ShopWiki has a UK site as well.  Even with clothing, the postage is so much higher that if it is not one of a kind, buying local may be better.

If you are so used to wearing vintage shoes or leather soled shoes, but need something you can kick around in or train in, there is a guide for running shoes to give you some tips on how to get the most out of them.   This is particularly important as there are so many injuries when people don't tie them or maintain them correctly for performance.  Within the same page, there is a link to a guide on selecting a shoe, as this is critically important if you can' try them on.

One tip:

Stretch them out. Running shoes tend to stretch out and mold to your feet the more you use them. So before going on that long run, try walking around in them or running short distances to get used to them.

I always thought of old leather shoes when I thought of stretching rather than considering it for running shoes.  Sometimes they would be the width, but not the correct ankle width, so a shoe stretcher would be used.  

If you are looking for some running shoes, they have a wide variety.  There are retro Chuck Taylors that were very sought after in the past few years.  Actually, you can find just about every brand from stores that are based in or ship to the United Kingdom.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shopping Online? Shop Wiki!

If you are an internet shopaholic, you may want to check out Many other comparable shopping sites only show you items that the webmaster makes commission on through an affiliate program. The second possibility are those that have paid for placement. Not so here.

Shopwiki seeks out as many stores as it can on the internet and has a variety of sections such as Home and Garden.

There are tabs for every item page that include user reviews for the item. These are not old reviews culled from the internet, but from I always get disappointed looking for reviews to only find out that the sites in question are just aggregate sites with the same information.

Have fun cybershopping.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

An Unlikely Marketing Tool: Wholesale Ladieswear

On a few occasions, I have received notes from readers asking me where to find some trendy ladies clothing wholesale, particularly trendy seperates to use for display.   Sometimes, not everyone can wear a complete vintage outfit and it is good to show alternatives or catch someone's eye when they walk past a window.  For example, a blazer or skirt could look fantastic, but pairing them together may look the wearer look like they stepped out from back in time.

Also, customers can imagine what an item may look like in their wardrobe if they wanted to try out wearing vintage items.  For example, if you had a few simple dresses, like the one at left, you could showcase an antique wrap, or striking vintage jewelry.  The price is right, so you can afford to purchase a few not just for your mannequin, but for those moments when a customer loves the items together.   

Surpringly, even though there are items at Apparel showroom are made in China,  this item and some others on the site are made in the United States!   Wholesale clothing made domestically is sometimes harder to come by, especially when it comes to trendy clothing meant to be sold at a reasonable price point.

Hopefully, you will find precisely what you are looking for to bolster your sales!