Monday, December 31, 2007

Why Vintage? Reason #1: It's Green!

Alert Vintage lover, Viviene spotted this letter to Dear Abby. A frustrated teen speaks about her neighbor that gives her old clothing and Abby educates her about vintage. Imagine that!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Fashion Jewelry and Funky Headbands

Christmas is over, but I couldn't believe that I saw Valentine's Cards in the store already. Some of my readers wear head-to-toe vintage clothing, but many more of my readers wear a mixture of modern and vintage pieces.

If you are looking for a special Valentine's gift for your daughter, wife, girlfriend or mother, you might want to check out Tano Jewelry. There are a variety of fashion jewelry pieces and more that would please them. They have a lot of great little add-ons for that special outfit.

Headbands as inspired by the stars or in retro fabrics will give a vintage nod to a simple modern dress or T-shirt and jeans, whether her heart is in the 60s or she is a child of the 80s. I can just imagine this one sported by someone at Viva Las Vegas this year.

Since many of my readers are shop owners, I should mention looking for wholesale jewelry or retro headbands for your shop, the prices are very compatible and you can contact them directly for a quote. Custom orders are available for 100 pieces or more.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gifts for the Vintage Man - Day 1 - 1930s Ties!

From now until the New Year, we are featuring a gift idea per day for the Vintage Man on your shopping list. We will be featuring every era, so you can find just the right item. We have looked far and wide to tap you on the shoulder to find only the best in condition as well as do our best to find things his friends won't have.

Today, we feature a box of 1930s knit cravats. They are at auction on Ebay with less than 3 days to go and are offered by Katzoid. There is some age staining on the box, but the ties themselves are in excellent condition. I have dealt with Katzoid before and can assure you, you will be well taken care of!

Click to Bid NOW. You won't find these very often!

Buy it for: The vintage tie collector, the depression-era historian, the fedora lover, guys who love the color blue, those that feel they should have lived during the art deco period.

Please tell 'em you saw it in VintageGent's Menswear Daily!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Men's Fashion: Boring?

As I was flipping through a Details Magazine from several months ago. There was a letter to the editor mentioning that men's fashion was becoming "Boring." Or at least, the fashion that Details peddles.

I have noticed here and there on the internet that many designers like Patrik Ervell calls "the European impulse in fashion" predictable and boring." And other designers defend their own lines as "NOT BORING."

What do you think about Men's Fashion today?

Is it just the "same old, same old," missing some of the debonair of yester year? Or is there only so many ways to tailor a suit? Or do you find today's menswear to be contrary?

Comment and tell us how you feel!