Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mini Soap-A-Rama

When my father used to travel for business, he'd bring home half used bottles of hotel shampoo and a few neatly wrapped soaps. "They give you a new one everyday - how could I use them all? Later, they were used in the guest bath or for any time any family member went on vacation for a few days. The sizes were so handy.

One can purchase any Hotel Supply Online - suitcase valets, cleaning implements and more, but personal items, such as soap and shampoo come by the case. (There is an Atlanta Hotel Supply  that supplies all the major chains with not just soap, but Hotel Bar Supplies.) I wouldn't need that many, but in comparing prices, it sure comes out a lot more economically than buying the small sized items at the specialty shops. It's not just hotel-branded items but items that look more spa like for the high end hotels.

If you decide you decide that you don't like the scent and the fragrance outweighs any savings, there are many groups that work with the homeless that regularly asked for hotel sized toiletries. They are easy to give out and easy for a person to carry with them, or to treat them like a treasured guest for the night.


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