Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wedding Decorations: Skip the Wedding Tax

Did you realize that the average wedding budget is $27,800? It is according to The Knot. Weddings in higher ticket urban areas may come wildly above that figure. It is estimated, from various sources that wedding decorations account for 5-10% of the budget, while the reception as a whole costs half the budget. The reception includes the locale, the food and music, but does not include the cost of decorative items purchased - of course, unless you budget it that way.

The decor budget tops out at $2780 for the average wedding. That's a lot of candlesticks and flowers.

There is no hard and fast rule, but to save money, do not go to a florist, printer or party supplier and announce that you are buying for a wedding. The price tends to go up fast with the inevitable "wedding tax." Just simply choose items that you like, and make sure the quantity is on hand.


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