Monday, February 05, 2007

Do you have Prohibition Era Photos?

I received the following note from Eric, administrator of The Fedora Chronicles forum and thought I would publish it to readers in case they can help out.

One of the members of The Fedora Chronicles Forum wrote a great piece about Chicago during prohibition. While getting this formatted I thought it would be great to have some pictures of the locations that were made famous during those years.

If you have any that we can use, please send them along to


An interesting story from the VintageGent family tree:

During the prohibition, my grandfather used to drive over the Canadian border to get liquor. Not in any profitable amount, just to have some for the family table. He once went with his sister riding shotgun. She put the booze under her coat on her lap and when border patrol stopped them, she started to breathe heavily and my grandfather said "She's in labor! We have to hurry." and the checkpoint guards waved them on and cleared the way so that the mother to be could make it to the hospital!

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