Friday, July 07, 2006

Freewill Fashion

There was a very interesting post in the Men's Fashion and Grooming Blog at by Daniel Billett.

The first annual all-vintage fashion show promoted wearing vintage clothing to men. Some of the shops to participate "were Rue St. Denis, Chelsea Girl, Cobblestone, Eva's Place, Tahir and Circa Now. The concept was to show how to be creative with fashion by promoting individual style through the beauty of vintage garments and accessories"

According to Daniel Billett's post, the founder of Freewill Fashion states: "“It is not what we have that matters, but how we live matters. By the same token, it is not what you wear or whose design it is that makes you a unique individual, but rather how you dress yourself that sets you apart from other people."

I personally find this quite refreshing, as so often the emphasis on vintage fashion has been to take vintage items and deconstruct them. This approach leaves the creative expression to the wearer, to be recreated many times by mixing and matching versus only one creative expression by the reconstructor. It also allows one to be creative while still being able to pass on the historical item to a future generation as it was found in the beginning.

A++ as far as I am concerned!

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At 7/09/2006 6:43 PM, Blogger Lizzie said...

I totally agree, Chris. Deconstructed "vintage" is someone else's vision; mixing it up is your own! Lizzie


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