Sunday, January 29, 2006

Anyone a size 39S?

If so, Anne (lovely-ritas on ebay) has a snappy 3 button 50s number with the dated tailor tag! It was "Born on" May 2, 1955. So, if that's your birthday, or you are the lucky guy to be that size...then run, don't walk!

The inseam has a very small seam allowance that can be let down if your inseam is just a tiny smidge longer than the 28" inseam the pants measure. Most likely a 29" to 29.5" inseam guy would do just fine here, too.

It ends February 2nd, which is Thursday, and has a Buy It Now option. If you are mulling it over, don't hesitate before another guy snatches it up.

Price is $69.99 if you are fast enough to use the "Buy It Now" feature. Otherwise, bid and take your chances.

Click to Have a Look!


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