Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

Real vintage for real guys and the ladies they like.

In the coming week, spotlights will be on some great items that you can buy right now on the internet for your collection or wardrobe, whether you are a diehard vintage junkie or are inspired to try it out for the first time based on reading. Some items will be exclusive to our readers in the sense that they will be announced here first so that you have a chance to grab it before another guy does.

We will also highlight a few current trends and how to carry them out vintage style.

Another concern of ours is to explain just why a guy should be interested in vintage stuff to begin with (there are lots of good reasons!).

Marvel over the dashing looks from the past that look just as traffic stopping now as they were then, if not more, and have a good laugh over the looks that stopped traffic in a totally different and unintended manner! Keep us bookmarked and join in!

Of course, we welcome your emails and your comments!

Idle Thoughts of the Day:

When I first saw this Mr. Wrangler ad, I never thought that it would all be back in style. It comes to us from a moment in time when disco had not yet reached the masses, and most guys were a lot less Wavey Gravy and a lot more Mike Brady than a year or so earlier.

Today, the late 60s global but ungroomed bohemian look has melded with the early to mid 70s more groomed look by wearing the more meticulous clothes, but leaving shirts untucked and hair a bit rumpled.

In present day, pastels and brights have replaced wall street gray in men's closets, a trend that has been occuring in the past few years, but is the world really ready for pink polkadotted pants that remind one of some sort of reptile who had a chewing gum accident? Perhaps with Burberry's last spring to bright prepster hues of pink and yellow perhaps it is just waiting around the corner it could happen. I may gest, but I am sure If I acquired a pair of said pants, I would be enthralled with how unique they are and would offer them to the public, as the right guy with the right fun atitude would think they were the best.


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