Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Double Breasted Suit

Fall 2005 featured the reintroduction of the "corporate" look. Over the past few years the double breasted blazer has been in the shadows in favor of the 3 button look.

The new double breasted blazers are leaving out the boxey cuts and taking their cues from the italian cut, 3 button suits that have been the rage, and are always in favor with folks who prefer the mod look.
In otherwords, they are more slimming and tappered, and therefore a little less forgiving.

For Spring, the double breasted suits carries forward. Always a classic, it has become trendy again. The gold buttons bring to mind a more country club or nautical look which is perfect for the spring with patent leather or spectator shoes. Definitely a good opportunity to recreate it, vintage style. Or if you prefer to buy a recent suit, there are great opportunities for shoes, and not so boring vintage ties, shirts, and the shine of cufflinks, tiebars, and more.


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