Thursday, March 02, 2006

ALWAYS on a Monday...

Harriet, of TastyVintage presented the following quotation from "The Art of Window Dressing" on the public forum at that we found rather interesting...

"A certain draper in a large provincial town had for very many years alays changed the neckwear window on Mondays, and it was not until recently that, on account of his window dresser being called away, he had occasion to leave his display in over Monday.
He then discovered that he sold more better-class neckwear on that particular Monday than of any other day of the display. Monday is now the best day for neckwear, and the window display is never changed that day."

Have mondays been "mondays" throughout time and they could use a new accessory to lift their mood, just like it is said more stereotypically of women? Are men more "refreshed" on mondays? Were more men "in town" on mondays reporting to the office before the rest of the week took them away to meetings uptown or in another city? What are your opinions?

You may not live near a place like that, but do you find yourself in a buying mood out of necessity or fancy any particular time than others? I think it would be an interesting discussion.


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