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Joe Famolare and the Platform Shoe - The Finale

Part VII: Identification of Famolare Shoes

Today concludes our series on Joe Famolare and the platform shoe!

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A commonly asked question is, how does one identify vintage Famolare shoes from modern. Aside from just inherently knowing what style elements are typical of different decades and years in general, one way is to look at the "label" so to speak. "Famolare" is imprinted on the inside of every shoe. In contemporary shoes, this will be in a very angular, block letter. In shoes that were produced from the beginning up through 1987-89 to the best of our knowledge, use a font that is more arabic, or rounded in style. Occasionally, script was also used.

The bicycle is present on almost all Famolare shoes, and it is the compnay trademark. Joe selected this image based on his fascination with the tall bikes that were ridden on the streets of Italy. Now, the company is held under the apropriately named Bicycle, Inc.

~ The End ~


Workshop participants reminisced about Famolare shoes. Folks had fond memories, and remember them being priced at the high end of the market. Also discussed was what to collect today, and the conscensus was on the "Get There" would be important as it was the shoe that truly made the name for the company.

In this presenter's opinion, Famolare shoes are much to platforms as spring-o-laters are to mule pumps. They provide further ease of regular movement that sometimes their counterparts do not.

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