Saturday, February 11, 2006

Joe Famolare and the Platform shoe, Part VI

Part VI: Joe's Retirement and the future of Famolare shoes

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Joe is 74 years old this year and living in Vermont. (his adopted state) He is married to the same woman he met at Emerson college in his 20s and has grown daughters.

In 1989, he licensed his company and retired. Information differs here, however. Some sources report that the name was licensed earlier in 1987, and he did reobtain the rights to the Famolare name in the 90s.

He was inducted into the Fashion Association Hall of Fame in 1995. But ritirement bored him, so he turned an old farm into Vermont Agricultural, Business, Education Center (VABEC). There is a nursing school, buildings for Famolare shoes, land trust societies, and Vermont College.

His other major project is bringing business (both domestic and international) back to the city of Brattleboro Vermont. Many canadian and international businesses left over the years., and has worked with his daughter, Hilary, to create a Foreign Trade Zone to fight escalating property taxes as well as to combat abandoned empy warehouses left in the wake of Georgia-Pacific Paper and other companies leaving.

What is next for Joe Famolare? He certainly is a busy guy. He also, as of last year, according to an employee of Famolare shoes, is still in the mix. he still is involved on a day to day basis with Famolare shoes. He has an office, and although he is no longer involved with every aspect of the compnay, it is still very much his child and he is very much involved.

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